Universal Privacy Alliance

The Universal Privacy Alliance seeks to advance the understanding of privacy as the very basis of free and flourishing digital societies.

Digital infrastructure forms the modern bedrock of open and interconnected societies. But as an increasing breadth and depth of human relations are mediated through digital technology, these also become vulnerable to covert manipulation and surveillance.

We believe that people everywhere have a universal desire to live and act freely, especially in an age where information and new ideas flow faster than ever before. The Universal Privacy Alliance brings together those who are building privacy-enhancing technologies to share resources, and engage with public debates, courts, policy makers and regulators in productive ways. We welcome people and organisations who share this vision to join and create the future that we all want to live in.

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Unifying Principles

As UPA is an alliance of several different organisations who share similar but not identical goals, these Unifying Principles ensure common ground for what each organisation has committed to by being a member of the UPA. The UPA Principles aim to realign our technological infrastructures with the fundamental tenets of human rights, digital integrity and privacy.

  • 1.

    Privacy is Fundamental.

    Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and in many other international and regional treaties. The right to privacy in the digital world, and access to privacy preserving technologies, has become one of the most important human rights issues of the modern age.

  • 2.

    Privacy Tools are Normal.

    Privacy preserving technologies should be broadly available, usable and accessible for our digital communications and transactions. In the physical world, people generally assume they can interact without having their behaviour persistently monitored and exploited for commercial, political or malicious purposes. The same should be the case in the digital world.

  • 3.

    Privacy by Design is Essential.

    Privacy by design is essential to guarantee the fundamental right of privacy in the digital world. We advocate for the design and release of technology that protects user privacy and security by default at all levels of the technology stack. Builders of technology are key actors in securing the fundamental right to privacy. They should not be discouraged from designing and building systems with strong user privacy.

How the Unifying Principles are Being Used

Legal Fund

Members will endeavour to create a legal fund that supports the right to build and use privacy enhancing technologies.

Advocacy and Education

Members will conduct activities that support research, advocacy, and education on issues related to the right to build and use privacy enhancing technologies.

Public statements

Members will make joint public statements regarding policy and legal developments related to contemporary events that affect individual privacy and privacy enhancing technologies.


Members will contribute to the understanding of matters related to privacy through engagement, educational content and events.


Members will endeavour to assemble an advisory board of the leading practitioners, scholars and technologists in the field of privacy.

Operating Principles

  • 1.

    Members will agree on an operating budget and failure to contribute will constitute a resignation from the alliance.

  • 2.

    Members will work together to build effective operations and to ensure the integrity and financial stability of the alliance.

  • 3.

    Members will act lawfully and in measured ways. Members will not seek to incite or promote unlawful acts.

Next Events

Past Events

UPA Privconnect at Devconnect 2023

Join us at Privconnect, which will take place during Devconnect. Expect a series of insightful discussions on the most pressing privacy issues by industry experts and thought leaders. for Discover technological solutions from our members to create a free and thriving digital society.

17 November, Istanbul, Turkey

UPA Privacy Summit at ETH Denver 2023

Join us for the next UPA event which will take place during the largest ETH event in the world. The UPA Privacy Summit during ETHDenver’s #BUIDLWEEK will feature industry experts speaking on the most pressing privacy discussions and how to build for privacy.

27 February, Denver (Colorado), USA

UPA panel at IPFS Camp Lisbon

Privacy is our Future, panelists: Marta Belcher of Filecoin Foundation, Jaya Brekke of Nym, Chris Tomeo of ECC, Jennifer Morrison of Manta

30th of October, Lisbon Portugal

Founding event @ZK Bogotá

UPA launch with Kenny Li of Manta, Harry Halpin of Nym, Jarrad Hope of Status and Michelle Lai and guest speaker Edward Snowden

11th of October, Bogotá Colombia